Each plugin project features a link to the relevant git repository from which you can obtain the source code and further information/documentation. If binaries and any other supporting materials are available which are not otherwise in the git repository, links are listed here too.


Speech synthesis for Csound using Festival.
git repository


More efficient (than the joystick builtin opcode) joystick access, Linux only.
git repository


Test for the existence of an orchestra instrument.
git repository


OPL3 FM synthesis emulation using libADLMIDI.
git repository
Demonstration video of FLTK gui example
Demonstration video of all four example CSDs
Windows 32bit (XP compatible) 2021-08 (built with VS)
Windows 64bit (XP compatible) 2021-08 (built with VS)


Process-based memory audification for Linux.
git repository


Experimental SDL2 API interface allowing for low-level graphics and animation.
git repository


Fairly extensive SQL database access at i and k time, supporting MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite3.
git repository
Windows 64bit build 2021-02 (built with MSYS)
Windows 32bit (XP compatible), no SSL 2021-07 (built with VS)
Windows 64bit (XP compatible), no SSL 2021-07 (built with VS)


Experimental Haar, Walsh/Hadamard and Cosine transforms.
git repository


Feature extraction and associated tasks such as feature matching for concatenative resynthesis.
git repository
Windows 32bit (XP compatible) 2021-07 (built with VS)
Windows 64bit (XP compatible) 2021-07 (built with VS)